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Vanille Patchouli

Vanille Patchouli

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Innocence lost. Purest vanilla seduced and despoiled by wild, dirty patchouli.

Surely by this, Beloved, we must know
Our love is perfect here,—that not as holds
The common dullard thought, we are things lost
In an amazement that is all unware;
But wonderfully knowing what we are!
Lo, now that body is the song whereof
Spirit is mood, knoweth not our delight?
Knoweth not beautifully now our love,
That Life, here to this festival bid come
Clad in his splendour of worldly day and night,
Filled and empower’d by heavenly lust, is all
The glad imagination of the Spirit?

-- Lascelles Abercrombie

Art: Lilith by John Collier, 1889