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Flirtations & Divertissements Sample Set

Flirtations & Divertissements Sample Set

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A pleasurable diversion of coquetry, playfulness, and espièglerie.

Age of Aquarius: Wild mountain mint, coriander, verbena, and mellow blue lavender bring a far out vibe to groovy green patchouli.

Cupid's Arrow: Sugar cubes effervescing in sparkling champagne, seductive pink orchids and white tuberoses, tempting vanilla toffees, and fragrant Buddha's Hand.

Drakon: Dragon's blood incense, coriander, vetiver root, ambergris, green cardamom, bergamot leaves, Talamanca del Caribe peppercorns, spice viburnum, and freshly steeped Darjeeling tea.

In a Railway Carriage: Rumpled linens and silky woolens warmed by desire and skin musk pillowed in soft white amber with intoxicating lotus flowers, succulent peaches, flirtatious freesia, and coy violets.

Rondeaux d'Amour: Black plum, spicy saffron, jasmine sambac, orris root, dark red roses, sexy golden amber, vanilla incense, slightly dirty patchouli, and botanical pheromones

The Magpie's Rhyme: A nostalgia of animal crackers, warm milk, a soft blanket, and luminescent white amber daydreams.

Sample vials contain approximately 1ml / .3 dram