Spring Cleaning Clearance Sale - Remaining Arcanum Experiments only $6!

2022 Arcanum Experiments - Deep Discount Sale!

2022 Arcanum Experiments - Deep Discount Sale!

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Arcanum Experiments are perfuming experiments and happenstance musing from our workroom. While they didn't make the cut to our catalogue (or we didn't have enough ingredients to make a larger batch), we wanted to give you an opportunity for some playful olfactory exploration. None of these formulas are written down making each Experiment unique and unrepeatable.

Available only in amber 5 ml. bottles. As we pre-bottle these in advance, samples are not available. 

1. Marzipan frosted sugar cookies, Crème Brûlée pipe tobacco, Bourbon vanilla - SOLD OUT

2. Saltwater taffy, cream musk, pineapple, copra, tuberose, tropical tanning oil - SOLD OUT

3. Atlantic ocean water, patchouli, mineralistic seashells, kelp, wet paperback novels - SOLD OUT

4. Gingermint julep, fresh muddled berries, lemon verbena, botanical gin - SOLD OUT

5. Soft summer rain, ethereal musk, dry pale amber - SOLD OUT

6. Strawberry incense, boozy black cherries, labdanum, frankincense, rock rose, black amber - SOLD OUT

7. Narcotic florals, opium, oppononax, vegan castoreum, red cherry musk - SOLD OUT

8. Green tea, fresh garden flowers, dewy aldehydes, early morning mist - SOLD OUT

9. Caramel coffee, cyanogenic stone fruits (apricots, peaches, pears, plums), hashish - SOLD OUT

10. White rum, black licorice, galbanum, rough spun tweed, cedar cigar boxes