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Caliph's Beloved Perfume

Caliph's Beloved Perfume

Ambergris, Coriander, Carnation, Cardamon, and Aphrodisiac Botanicals

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Based on an old recipe to arouse sexual desire, enhance sensory pleasures, and enliven passion. To the traditional folk-magic base of musk, ambergris, coriander, cardamon, and carnation, we have added elements reputed to be particularly enticing to lovers (new or existing) - almond blossom, Madagascar vanilla beans, galangal root, and a secret blend of aphrodisiac florals and all gender pheromones.

"Naked she lay, clasped in my longing arms,
I filled with love, and she all over charms;
Both equally inspired with eager fire,
Melting through kindness, flaming in desire.
With arms, legs, lips close clinging to embrace."

-- John Wilmot, 2nd Earl of Rochester, 1680

Art: The Lovers by Rudolph Ernst, 1918