A Special Alkemia Perfumes Message for our UK Customers

We want to make sure that you will be able continue getting your Alkemia perfumes with as little difficulty as possible. The easiest way is to purchase through our Etsy shop where we are registered for UK VAT. 

Order minimum £135 from our websiteWe are not at the moment registered for UK VAT. This means that we can only accept orders over £135 (around $190 USD) from our website. You will still need to pay VAT, but it will be payable only once the package arrives in the UK. Those fees will be: VAT (20% value of goods); customs charges (around 2.5% of cost of order); and a Royal Mail handling fee of £8.

To help offset the customs charges and Royal Mail fee we have a coupon code for free shipping for orders over $150 USD using code 150free (note: this code is not available on our Etsy site). Some of our customers have found it effective to combine orders as a group to reach the £135 threshold.


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