Ode to Oudh Sample Set

Ode to Oudh Sample Set

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Ode to Oudh

Attar al Oud -
a deep, unisex fragrance that slowly develops into an utterly unique wood-incensey richness

Lacivius -
The essence of raw lust. An erotic, primal blend of carnal animal-safe civet, black musk, and raw oud

Fume Oud a la Vanille -
Crushed tonka beans, woodsmoked amber, and bourbon vanilla aged with oud wood

Mahogany Oudh -
Mahogany wood, precious oudh, labdanum incense, and patchouli infused mosses with cardamon and cassia

Hellcat -
A dark, sexy blend of black oud, black musk, labdanum, and spiced pipe tobacco with a seductive purr of black Opium

Bois d’Ambre -
Gold amber, oak and sandalwood, kyphi incense, ho wood, ginger musk, and ambroxan with Earl Grey, grapefruit, lemon, artemisia, elderberries, oakmoss, vetiver root, and nutmeg