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Rites of Spring 2021 - Sample Collection

Rites of Spring 2021 - Sample Collection

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A celebration of springtime revelries – frolicking with forest denizens, the tranquil pleasures of warm amber sunlight, and sensual explorations in woodland shadows.

Dark Cavalier: A darkly sensual mystery of Lapsang Souchong tea, pallisander, orris root, violet leaf, anisette, Tears of Chios, soft leather, aged black amber, dark brooding woods, and deep green patchouli.

Dryad: A playful woodlands frolic of Balsam poplar, Larch, Kukicha twig tea, Pondorosa bark, Australian sandalwood, Wet moss, Violet leaf, Lily of the Valley, and Vanilla grass. 

Floralis: Spring rain, a breath of fresh aldehydes, and a mist of water musk settling gently on new grasses, blooming lilacs, pale rosebuds, cyclamen, and white hyacinths.

Fortuna: Bay musk and bay rum to manifest wishes; gentian and tonka for love; lime leaves, green cedar, verbena, and petitgrain to drive off negativity; red currant and orange peel twists for happiness; orange blossoms for good fortune; amber musk and golden hay for prosperity; ginger aldehydes for fast luck; and lemon frankincense with white sandalwood for protection and light.

Raxeira: A golden ray of amber piercing like sunlight through a barn window, illuminated motes of sawdust rising on woody aldehydes, old newspapers, dusty vetiver, orris root, dried leather harnesses and a faint touch of saddlesoap.

Veneficium: A viridescent potion of otherwordly botanicals - wild ginger, purple hyacinths, datura accord, green ivy, nightshade leaf, wet oakmoss, tonka, freshly turned earth, and dark galbanum.