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Vintage Archive Perfumes - Last few bottles

Vintage Archive Perfumes - Last few bottles

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This year's tidying up turned up a selection of old favorites, rarities, discontinued, and vintage Alkemia perfumes that we are delighted to offer to the collector and the curious. Labels will vary with some having a special Alkemia Vintage Label and others having their original artwork/painting labels.

Douceur de Vivre: Antillian sugar cane, flowering ginger, hibiscus, white amber, green fig, and the delicate essence of fresh coconut water kissed by a careless splash of white rum. - Last Bottle!

Las Solideras: A blend of commandingly sexy musks blended with Queen Elizabeth root (a hoodoo charm for strength and luck); fiesty pink pepper, bay and ginger; a splash of honky-tonk ale; a fleeting kiss of tonka; and a dash of gunpowder. 

Tronada: An homage to the Gods of Thunder - the scent of crackling ozone and wildly lashing rain tearing across a summer night. - 5 Left!





Ardorem 21: A complex elixir of 21 precious essences including: Coriander, Mandarin, Amber, Nutmeg, Saffron, Bourbon Geranium, Blue Lotus, Tobacco, Musk, Clove, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Kashmiri Tea, Cardamom, Black Pepper, and Japanese incense.

Blessed Bee: A blend of three honeys — pure, sweet, golden, naked.

Caliph's Beloved: Based on an old recipe to arouse sexual desire, enhance sensory pleasures, and enliven passion. To the traditional folk-magic base of musk, ambergris, coriander, cardamon, and carnation, we have added elements reputed to be particularly enticing to lovers (new or existing) — almond blossom, Madagascar vanilla beans, galangal root, and a secret blend of aphrodisiac florals.

Cassis de la Foret: Wild black currants, elderberries, wild plums, calamus root, and green ceder, in a boreal forest of black and white spruce, balsam fir, jackpine, and tamarack

Earth Alive With Gods (ultime): The gentle caress of spring rain falling on sweet new grasses and white flowers joyfully unfolding into the sunlit warmth of golden hay, musk melon, hinoki and amyris wood.

Ex Libris: The bottled essence of an old, rare book — antique paper, old leather bindings, parchement, dust, and the faint scent of a wooden lecturn.

Fetish: Commanding black leather, blood-dark roses, sharp thorns.

Hygge: A cozy confection of oven-warm gingerbread, cardamon rolls, and iced sugar cookies wrapped in a delicious blanket of spiced vanilla. 

Imramma: An aequorial meditation on ocean and moonlight at the edge of the sea where land and water meet. A slightly otherworldly conjoining of salt water waves, French lavender, bayberry, ambrette seed, fresh cedar tips, wild beachgrass, alder, pink yarrow, juniper, and Irish moss seaweed.

Joy de Vie: Mandarin, grapefruit blossom, white tea, champagne mimosa cocktails

Lettre de Amour: A billet–doux of night blooming Star Jasmine, Neroli blossoms, white roses, aged parchment paper, white amber, and perfumed ink. 

Moon Goddess: A magical elixir of narcotic florals – datura, night-blooming cereus, and white poppy enfolded in a aquatically luminous blend of water musks, delicate cucumber, and the palest melons.

Neroli XXIII: 23 precious essences including — neroli (orange blossom), wild bergamot, mandarin, french lavender, lemon myrtle, rosemary, petitgrain, marigold, Sambac jasmine, parchment paper, amber santal, angelica root, palmarosa, tonka, and rosewood. A complex and unisex incantation to success in a modern world.

Pleasure in the Flowers: Peonies, Bluebells, Lemon verbena, Orris root, Pimento, Lime leaves, Cassia pods, Water musk

Road to Hana: A serene journey of rare Anji white tea leaves delicately infused with young ginger root, gingerflowers, and ambrette muskmallow seed. 

Scandal at the Savoy: A scandalously debauched blend of mandarin peel, guaiac wood, cigars in a cedar humidor, fine polished oak, and opium soaked pralines.

Seduction Vanille: A dreamy, yet grown-up confection of aromatic Mexican vanilla pods, luscious Tahitian vanilla orchids, jasmine flowers, and crystalline sugar cane, enhanced by a blend of delicate white and vanilla musks. 

Silvern: An ethereally illuminating blend of white sandalwood, cool aquatics, crystalline blue musk, and ice flowers threaded with faint memories of white blossoms. Clean as fresh snow melting. Soft as the petals of a Lenten Rose.

Snow Queen: The elusive frozen petrichor of 'vahca' (new snow on the top of a layer of older snow) blended with crystalline musk.

Succubus: Midnight purple violets and a dark, compelling seduction of aphrodisiac resins followed by a sharp bite of spiced clove. Please note that Succubus has a clove note that is not compatible with sensitive skin types.

Summer Dandelion: An exuberant exultation of sun warmed dandelions and meadow grasses lightly dampened by fleeting summer rain showers.

Tryst of Grey:  Earl Grey Tea, lightly brewed Black Assam Tea, Scarlet Monarda (also known as Wild Bergamot), a fresh twist of Bergamot citrus peel, and golden skin musk teased with long, slow kisses of orange blossom honey. 

Under the Elegant Coconut Palms: A tropical enchantment of coconut musk, vanilla pods, white amber, coconut water, banana leaves, ginger root, and spicebush with night flowering nicotania and plumeria blossoms.

Vanille Vert: Fresh ferns, sweet green grass, and tender new leaves juxtaposed against a seduction of white amber and vanilla musk.

Wing of Bat: A chypre of oakmoss, green patchouli, crushed ferns, dirt, ambergris, and a hint of leather.

Woods on a Snowy Evening:  Freshly fallen powder snow, juniper berries, hemlock pine, white needle balsam pine, flat cedar, camphorous evergreens, and icy aquatic elements.

Xocolatl Love: A globally gourmand love potion of winter aphrodisiacs... bittersweet Mexican cacao, Southwest Chipotle chili, Ceylon cinnamon, Indonesian nutmeg, Madagascar vanilla, Turkish marzipan, and a splash of cardamon-laced Morrocan coffee.

Yule Rose: A mystical alchemy of precious Roses, Balsam Fir, luminous Frankincense, and night-dark myrrh.