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Nature's Ambiance Sample Set

Nature's Ambiance Sample Set

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A collection of our most popular nature-inspired outdoorsy scents:

Ammil: Wet snow and ice melting into warmth

Moss Maiden: Luxuriant mosses, lichen, calamus root, cedar tips, disturbed leaves 

Esprit de la Terre: Loamy earth, olive flowers, pepperbush, birchbark, sandalwood, vetiver, Earl Gray tea, rosewood, leather, gingergrass, coriander, oakmoss, ambergris

First Dandelion: Sunny dandelion flowers, green dandelion leaves, warm dirt

Frondescence: Fresh fern fronds, wild geraniums, green patchouli, meadowgrass, and tumbling wetland streams

Mist Becoming Rain: Rainwater, mist drenched hazel wood, orris root, ozone, grey amber

Sample vials contain approximately 1ml /.3 dram