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Curiouser and Curiouser Sample Set

Curiouser and Curiouser Sample Set

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An even "curiouser" collection of odd and avant garde perfumes for the olfactory adventurer.

Age of Aquarius: Wild mountain mint, coriander, verbena, mellow blue lavender, groovy green patchouli

Ambre Gris: Oceanic grey ambergris as changeable as the tides - sweet, musky, saline

Charming of the Plough: New greens, fresh dirt, worn leather, anise hyssop, smokey lavender, sexy-dirty indolic jasmine, vanilla grass, and oakmoss

Prairie 66: Flowering sage, aldehydes, Linden blossom, bergamot, yucca, yuzu, and a cool cement-paved desert road before dawn

Poudre d'épicine: A floof of gender neutral powder and Japanese musk with mint creme anglaise

Silver Sky: A springtime freshet of rainwater musk, gray amber, muget, daffodil, silver needle tea, galbanum, and white cedar