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Palo Santo Hand and Surface Sanitizing Spray - 70 Percent Alcohol

Palo Santo Hand and Surface Sanitizing Spray - 70 Percent Alcohol

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For thousands of years, the lemony-minty-woody scented heartwood of the Palo Santo (Holy Wood) tree has been used for cleansing healing spaces, stimulating immunity, soothing anxiety, centering the spirit, calming the mind, and removing negative influences. Distilled in small batches from sustainably harvested deadwood, our Palo Santo oil has been produced with no harm to living trees.

Alkemia’s luxury sanitizing sprays are made with fine grade perfumer’s alcohol, lightly scented with the highest quality essential oils, and enriched with vegetal glycerin to kill germs, moisturize your skin, and uplift your spirit.

How to Use: Spray liberally onto hands and rub well for 20 seconds. Can also be sprayed onto commonly touched surfaces like handles, door knobs, yoga mats, or into the air as a purifying mist. Can also be used as a smudge spray to bring a clean, light energy to spaces.

Ingredients: 70% Fine Grade Perfumer’s Grain Alcohol (gluten free), Isopropyl Myristate (from palm kernel), Vegetal Glycerin, Sustainably Harvested Palo Santo oil

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