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Alchemies of Love Perfume Sample Set

Alchemies of Love Perfume Sample Set

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“When life throws thorns, hunt for roses.”🌹Roses, one of the most ancient symbols of love, opening of the heart, spiritual wisdom, and courage is a focal point in our Alchemies of Love perfume collection. Through these perfumes, we invite you to explore the olfactory aspects of love in its many different forms:

Apotheosis of Rose: Heirloom roses, rare white lotus, ethereal iris, vine jasmine, white amber, succulent jackfruit, glazed apricots, candied flower petals, absinthe blanche, kotata berries, and blonde woods.

Esprit de la Terre: Dark loamy earth, olive flowers, pepperbush, birchbark, green cedar, sandalwood, Early Gray tea, rosewood, leather, gingergrass, coriander, oakmoss, vetiver, and ambergris.

Kara Sevde: An insouciant romance of blood oranges, Taif roses, peach blossom, Amasya musk apple, medlar, white pomegranate, and gin palace botanicals -- juniper, coriander, elderflowers, Primofiore citrus peel, angelica, Grains of Paradise, and violet root.

Poudre d'épicine: A luxuriant floof of gender neutral powder and Japanese musk with a soft enticement of mint creme anglaise.

Rosa Alchemica: Red rose, rhubarb, dark plum, Chambord, spicebush, cassis, lemon verbena, aphrodisiac golden amber, vanilla infused patchouli, opoponax, labdanum, guaiac, and botanical pheromones.

Among the Pines (re-release): A boreal meditation of Siberian balsam pine, Moroccan cedar, oakmoss, Hinoki cypress, Balm of Gilead, and Assam black tea.


Sample vials contain approximately 1ml / .3 dram