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Spring Revels Perfume Sample Set

Spring Revels Perfume Sample Set

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Our Spring Revels collection celebrates the many faceted awakening of spring - the raw sensuality of earth and flower, the greening magic of fey meadows, adventures in soft city rainfalls, and the auric brightening of spiritual renewal. While supplies last, we will be including our limited edition 2022 lunar calendar with orders. On the back of the calendar are dozens of ideas for using your perfume oils in new and fun ways.

Spring Revels 2022

Black Iris: The spring forecast is rainy with a chance of purple. Purple iris and Queen Elizabeth orris root pillowed in a soft nimbostratus raincloud.

Charming of the Plough: A paen of the awakening earth - bright new greens, freshly turned soil, well worn leather, anise hyssop, smokey lavender, sexy-dirty indolic jasmine, vanilla grass, and oakmoss.

Frondescence: A verdancy of fresh fern fronds, wild geraniums, damp moss, green patchouli, vetiver root, early meadowgrass, and tumbling wetland streams.

Inner Sanctum: A spiritual serenity of Hinoki temple cedar, carved Palisander rosewood, white ambergris, lemon cypress, sandalwood incense, grounding vetiver root, and healing sandalore.

Surcie: A sweet confection of affection - heavenly rosewater chiffon, soft jasmine musk, flirty mandarin orange, creamy vanilla, and alluring Egyptian amber.

Tulips and Chimneys: An urban springtime of rainy aldehydes, wet asphalt, industrial steam engines, farmer's market bouquets of fresh tulips, Toulousain violets, mint pastels, and a warm touch of clove viburnum.

Sample vials contain approximately 1ml / .3 dram