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Winter Intimacies Perfume Sample Set

Winter Intimacies Perfume Sample Set

Perfumes inspired by our favorite winter comforts

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Our Winter Intimacies perfume collection was inspired by our favorite winter comforts - cozy conversations, nostalgic holiday treats, stolen kisses under the mistletoe, and romantic fireside evenings.

Afterglow: A softly glowing veil of golden musk, Madagascar vanilla beans, woodsmoked black amber, chai tea, spiced rum, and incense woods.

Bibliotheca: A vintage elegance of leatherbound books, vintage vinyl records, polished mahogany, fountain pen ink, black tea, dark plum brandy, vetiver, rosewood, artemisia, white carnation, lavender water, citron, tweedy woolens, and oakmoss.

For Love of Winter: A warm winter layer of luminous white amber and cool snow musk with hints of candy canes and white chocolate pearls.

L’esprit des fêtes: A festivity of almond marzipan, amaretto hot toddies, and amber musk with balsam boughs, winterberry, copper distilled patchouli, and aged sandalwood.

Ruby Amber: A smouldering passion of crimson pomegranates, ruby amber, Tolu balsam, benzoin, styrax, star anise, and guaiac wood.

Wings of Flame: Warm sunlight in heartwood waiting to alight into flame. Wild honeycomb, agarwood, golden coffee, birch syrup, Deertongue grass, Larch needles, Berlandiera, cistus, Maple and blonde woods.

Sample vials contain approximately 1ml / .3 dram