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Amour Conjure Perfume
Amour Conjure Perfume

Amour Conjure Perfume

Dark Amber, Copper Distilled Patchouli, Bulgarian Rose, Ceylon Cinnamon, and Vetivert

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Based on an old hoodoo formula to call and compel love and sexual attraction. An erotically enticing blend of amber aged with Bourbon vanilla pods, Ceylon cinnamon infused flirtatious aldehydes, Bulgarian roses, rose geranium and vetivert roots, copper distilled patchouli, and a scattering of incense resins.

"When he (tries to) stand, you must not allow him to stand
When he (tries to) sit, you must not allow him to sit
When he lies down to sleep, you must not allow him to sleep.
He must seek me from town to town, from city to city,
from field to filed, from region to region,
until he comes to me and subjects himself under my feet-
me, Papapolo son of Noe-
while his hand is full of all goodness,
until I satisfy with him the desire of my heart
and the demand of my soul,
with pleasant desire and love unending,
right now, right now, at once!"
Sixth Century Coptic Love Charm
translated by David Frankfurter Journal of Egyptian Archeology 25 (1939)

Art: Detail from "Der Liebeszauber" by Niederrheinischer Meister, c. 1470