Monthly Alchemies

Monthly Alchemies

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Watercolor Alchemy: An olfactory watercolor of spring rain musk and floral aldehydes with early snowdrops, grape hyacinth, wisteria, lily of the valley, and narcissus with a touch of plum and green fig

Easter Alchemy: An Easter basket of chocolate bunnies, candy covered easter eggs, and other delights

Flower Moon Alchemy: A lush bouquet of Verona tulips, fresh yellow daffodils, paperwhite narcissus, neroli orange flowers, stargazer lilies, and creamy white gardenias. 

Strawberry Alchemy: A succulent alchemy of fresh wild strawberries and blackberry musk

Autumn Alchemy: Spiced autumnal fruits (apple, pear, fig, peach), black tea sweetened with honey, cashmere, cherrywood, anisette, cedar tips, late summer jasmine, moss, and violet leaf

Winter Alchemy: Chocolate covered almond marzipan and lebkuchen spices

Yule Alchemy 2018: Boozy fruitcake, crushed pine needles, biscotti, and spiced amber

Yule Alchemy 2017: Rich butterscotch toffee, slightly burnt sugar cookies, and fresh honeycake