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Fortuna Perfume

Fortuna Perfume

Bay musk, Bay rum, Gentian, Tonka, Lime leaf, Petitgrain, Amber musk, Neroli, Dried hay, Ginger

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Bay musk and bay rum to manifest wishes; gentian and tonka for love; lime leaves, green cedar, verbena, and petitgrain to drive off negativity; red currant and orange peel twists for happiness; orange blossoms for good fortune; amber musk and golden hay for prosperity; ginger aldehydes for fast luck; and lemon frankincense with white sandalwood for protection and light.

"No wonder skies upon you frown—
You’ve nailed the horseshoe upside down!
Just turn it round, and soon you’ll see
How you and Fortune will agree."

The farmer turned the horseshoe round,
And showers began to swell the ground;
The sunshine laughed among his grain,
And heaps on heaps piled up the wain;
The loft his hay could barely hold,
His cattle did as they were told;
His fruit trees needed sturdy props
To hold the gathering apple crops;
His turnip and potato fields
Astonished all men by their yields;
Folks never saw such ears of corn
As in his smiling hills were born;
His barn was full of bursting bins—
His wife presented him with twins;
His neighbors marveled more and more
To see the increase in his store.
And now the merry farmer sings
"There are two ways of doing things;
And when for good luck you would pray,
Nail up your horseshoe the right way."

- James T. Fields, 1880

Art: The Golden Horseshoe by William Michael Harnett, 1886