2020 Spring Awakening Sample Set

2020 Spring Awakening Sample Set

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Green Witch
Diviner's sage, lemon verbena, woodland orchid, winterhazel, oakmoss, aromatic woods

Enkindled Spring
Coriander, galbanum, bergamot, vanilla leaf, spiced lavender, clover, coffee flower, clove, green amber

Surrender of Solitude
Merlot wine, warm cashmere, meditative incense, a single peony

Silver Sky
Rainwater musk, oceanic grey amber, muget,daffodil, silver needle tea, galbanum, and white cedar

Gateau d’Anniversaire
Golden birthday cake with strawberry rosewater glaze

Old Books and Fresh Flowers
Neroli orange flower, heliotrope, delicate paper pages, leather-bound books