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Winter Blessings Sample Set

Winter Blessings Sample Set

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Enchanted Plumcake: - A wintery magic of crystalized plums and pears, ripe figs, citron peel, frosted vanilla musk, candied rose petals, lavender syrup, and brandied fruitcake.

Hearthstone - Fireside woodsmoke, a well worn leather couch, a dark rum hot toddy laced with spiced honey in front of a bed of glowing amber embers

Mon Beau Sapin - Fresh cut pine, labdanum incense, oakmoss, and rosewood adorned with tart dried apples, Mandarin orange peel, coriander, caraway, woodsmoked fig, Date plum, and a touch of dark aged patchouli

More Light! - A perfume to banish gloom and recall the light - a sparkling brightness of uplifting bergamot tea, lemon balm, gingerflower, lime leaf, fresh hay, a playful splash of champagne, a twist of grapefruit, and spiritually centering white sandalwood.

The Kissing Bough - Pomegranate gin cocktails and rose-rhubarb punch ensorceled by a dark fae enchantment of olibanum, opoponax, black amber, and Guaiac wood kissed with pink pepper and clove

Winter Sanctuary - The velvety warmth of a fireside cuddle - creamy skin musks and slightly boozy spiced eggnog wrapped in a sensual blanket of Feuille de Vanille with faint kisses of ginger mint, French lavender, and dried Somali rose petals.