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Spring Incantations Perfume Sample Set

Spring Incantations Perfume Sample Set

A celebration of sunlight, emergence, and floriferous beauty

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To celebrate the seasonal turning toward sunlight, emergence, and floriferous beauty, we offer our latest perfume collection:

Athame: An arcane ceremony of melting wax candles, santalum, aloeswood and other rare ritual incense woods, and the metallic spirit of a copper athame.

Ecstasies of Light: The lustrous glow of white amber infused with pear blossoms, white figs, gorse flowers, winter honeysuckle, and osmanthus.

Love Among the Ruins: An ancient ruin of fallen stonework covered with lichen and tangles of flowering vines slowly disintegrating and returning to nature.

Magnolia Au Vert: Fresh white magnolia blossoms and bright spring grass with lily of the valley, green mandarin and a sensual caress of musky vanilla.

Neroli Vetiveria: An abundance of Neroli orange blossoms rejoice skyward from depths of smoke-earthy vetiver roots interwoven with iris, lemongrass, and mock orange.

Taste of Rain: A primordially vernal chypre consecrated by silver rain, green ivy, holy basil, lilacs, moss, and wisteria.