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Summer Interludes Sample Set

Summer Interludes Sample Set

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A collection for our favorite summertide pastimes – lazy afternoons with a good book; beachcombing for marine treasures; the ethereal magic of a midsummer evening; and a Ren Faire revel.

Aelfscyne: ‘Beautiful as an elf’ - an enchantment of luminescent white amber, meadowsweet, wood hyacinth, Lonicera, woodbine, sweetfern, Cashmeran wood and delicate green tea.

Fireflies in the Garden: A balmy summer evening redolent with honeysuckle, buttonbush, summersweet and Holboellia blossoms floating on green waves of fresh cut clovergrass.

Kanu y Med (Song of Mead): A medieval revelry of honey mead and melomel blended in a 16th century perfume recipe of sweet briar, citrus blossom, balsam benzoin, styrax musk, and Italian bergamot.

Novella: A cozy afternoon curled up in a favorite chair - delicately spiced lavender de Provence, steaming Earl Gray tea, and tattered old paperback books.

Seaglass: A summertide of star fruit, mango, yuzu, lemon verbena, seafoam sage, French tarragon, rosewood, cypress, saffron, gray ambergris, and a kiss of saltwater from the sea.

Voyage en Mer: Oceanic ozone, salt corroded metal, fresh sea breeze, dried seaweed, lime leaves, bergamot, spiced bay rum, vetiver, and lavender infused amber.

Sample vials contain approximately 1ml / .3 dram