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Fleurs Historiques et Cacao Perfume - Vintage

Fleurs Historiques et Cacao Perfume - Vintage

Dark cacao, French lavender flowers, Black cardamon, Vanilla musk

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A historical recipe from the 1700's court of Versailles created by a mistress to delight a king. A paradox of the decadent and the divine - erotically dark cacao and uplifting French lavender blended with piquant black cardamon pods, a splash of tea with lemon peel, and an elegant flirtation of grapefruit blossom and vanilla musk.

“Madame de Pompadour excelled at an art which the majority of human beings thoroughly despise because it is unprofitable and ephemeral: the art of living.” ― Nancy Mitford, Madame de Pompadour Mistress of King Louis XV

Madame de Pompadour was a patron of the arts, science and literature. Her wit and intelligence were as seductive as her beauty and she is considered one of the three most powerful women of the 18th century, along with Catherine the Great of Russia (Catherine II) and Maria Theresa of Austria. Mme de Pompadour was known for creating the unique and the beautiful... the pompadour hairstyle is named for her, as are marquise diamonds, and it was whispered that the shape of the bowls of champagne glasses were created from the shape of her breasts.

Art: Joy of Dance by Gioacchino Pagliei, c. late 1800s