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Past Monthly Alchemies (2022)

Past Monthly Alchemies (2022)

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Past Monthly Alchemies

Monthly alchemies are special gifts with purchase that we blend up each month as a meditation on a moment in time. Alchemies frequently run out but once a year we offer any remaining for sale. These are the last of our stock.

  • Vernal Alchemy - A springtide of bright yellow daffodils, purple hyacinths, and fresh green grass. (March 2022)
  • Tidal Alchemy - Saltwater splashed linen drying in the summer sun, ozonic clouds whisping across blue skies, a splash of fresh green coconut water, and a zest of lemongrass. (July 2022)

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  • Cherry Blossom Alchemy - A springtime haiku of cherry blossoms, sakura tea, delicate floral musk, and warm cherry wood (April 2021)
  • Afternoon Delight Alchemy - A leisurely summer afternoon filled with melty orange dreamsicles, soft green grass, and little puffy clouds of vanilla musk. (August 2020)
  • Yuletide Blessing Alchemy - Traditional Yuletide offerings to welcome the return of the sun - decadently boozy fruitcake studded with golden pineapple, candied citron, apricots, cherries, and sugary dates; almond marzipan for love; honey for wealth; evergreens for health; cinnamon for good luck; bay for wisdom; cloves for friendship, and frankincense for gratitude. (Dec 2020)
  • Good Fortune Alchemy - Bright blessings to carry through the year - tangerine for joyful abundance, berries for life's sweetness, cloves for protection, star anise and Tonka beans for luck, cyclamen for compassion, peach for longevity, apples for knowledge, mint for wisdom, amber for courage and confidence, vanilla pod for love, cardamon to clear the burdens of the mind, vetiver for overcoming grief, rosewood to help with manifesting the heart's desire, and a splash of celebratory champagne. (Jan 2022)
  • Crow Moon Alchemy - wet stones, feathers in a mud daubed bird nest, melting snow, damp fur, frozen early snowdrops, and the first shoots of sprouting plant life (March 2021)
  • Halloween Alchemy - Halloween spice cookies, apple butter, a dusting of pumpkin spice, oak leaves, pine needles, and a little nostalgia of candy corn (Oct 2021)
  • Lilac Alchemy - A vase of fresh cut purple lilacs and lilac musk (April 2022)
  • Dreamsicle Daydream Alchemy - A summer reverie of melting orange creamsicles, fresh starfruit, saltwater taffy, sweet white sandalwood, and a faint whisper of salty oceanic ozone (August 2022)
  • Yuletide Alchemy - A holiday melange of balsam fir, frankincense, amber, spiced rum, candied fruits, bayberry candles, and cozy firewood (December 2022) - Almost sold out
  • Sweet Fortune Alchemy - a celebration of crisp fortune cookies, creamy White Rabbit candy (for the Year of the Rabbit), vanilla musk, pandan, sweet rice cakes, and a tasseomancy of black tea leaves to welcome the new year with sweetness and joy. (January 2023)
  • Viridescent Alchemy - A woodland wandering of fresh spring leaves, new grasses, dandelion stems, and the first white violets (March 2023)
  • Sugar Egg Alchemy - An intricate confection of sugar eggs, pastel marshmallows, berry fruit jelly beans, cherry blossoms, lily-of-the-valley, jasmine, tonka, and creamy white amber. (April 2023)
  • Tea Garden Alchemy - An elegant springtime tea party of green tea leaves, jasmine white tea, cascading cherry blossoms and delicate Japanese garden florals. (May 2023)
  • Midsummer Honeysuckle Alchemy - a summer serenade of night blooming honeysuckles, dandelion greens, fresh cut grass, and soft summer breezes. (June 2023)