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2024 Arcanum Experiments

2024 Arcanum Experiments


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Arcanum Experiments are perfuming experiments and happenstance musing from our workroom. While they didn't make the cut to our catalog (or we didn't have enough ingredients to make a larger batch), we wanted to give you an opportunity for some playful olfactory exploration. None of these formulas are written down, making each Experiment unique and unrepeatable.

2024 quantities for Arcanum Experiments are more limited than Experiments in previous years.

Available only in amber 5 ml. bottles. As we pre-bottle these in advance, samples are not available

  • Experiment 1 aka Assemblage of Offerings at the Wishing Well: Holy well water, clootie cotton, silver coins, old love letters, bronze charms, copper pennies, incense sticks, divinatory herbs, dried flowers, a splash of old fashioned perfume, lucky stones, glitterati, and more - SOLD OUT
  • Experiment 2 aka Cremes & Curiosities: Chantilly whipped cream, coconut mochi, rice pudding, green coconut water, orgeat syrup, almond flowers, ylang ylang incense and more - SOLD OUT
  • Experiment 3 aka Juggling Wolves: A competition of traditionally masculine elements - suede leather, pipe tobacco, black amber, vetiver root, bergamot, black pepper, basil, black coffee, teak, tempered steel, lavender, oakmoss, tonka, cedarwood, tweed, fresh lime, coriander, and a splash of spiced rum
  • Experiment 4 aka Of Waters Fresh and Salted: Marine seasalt notes, fresh snowflakes, lotus root, blue amber, water musk, cucumber, moonflowers, gingerflower, tropical fruit water, floral aldehydes, white patchouli, orris root, and more
  • Experiment 5 aka Fête du Fruit: Red delicious apples, wild strawberries, glazed apricots, blood oranges, green figs, blueberries, custard apples, white peaches, Blue java bananas, ripe mango, rambutan, lychee, and more - SOLD OUT
  • Experiment 6 aka Flower Riot: Roses, violets, orange blossom, carnation, lotus, Queen of Night flowers, plumeria, narcissus, heliotrope, lily of the valley, freesia, jasmine, peony, hyacinth, and more
  • Experiment 7 aka Sweater Weather: Spiced apple cider, late season blackberries, cherrywood, warm pumpkin pie, woodsmoked vanilla beans, sandalwood, autumn leaves, clover hay, cashmere wool, anise, benzoin, golden amber, caramel coffee, toasted coconut, blue juniper, moss, bitter orange - SOLD OUT
  • Experiment 8 aka We Spilled the Teas: Green tea, mint tea, vanilla infused white tea leaves, twig tea, ginger tea, and Christmas tea - SOLD OUT
  • Experiment 9 aka Getting Lit: Egyptian santal musk, oakmoss, Siberian pine, Hinoki cypress, Dragon’s blood, vetiver root, Burgundy pitch, dammar, charred oakwood barrel staves, plumwood, Ponerosa Pine, nutmeg, myrrh resin, Cocobolo accord, copper distilled patchouli, tabac
  • Experiment 10 aka Mallow Drama: Pink frosted birthday cake, marshmallow ambrosia, strawberry rhubarb pie, blue cotton candy, kettle corn, almond macarons, chocolate fig squares, dulce de leche, fondant, gingersnaps, whipped cream