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SALE! - 2020 Arcanum Experiments

SALE! - 2020 Arcanum Experiments

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Welcome to our 2020 Arcanum Experiments! 

Made from this year's perfume curios that didn't quite make the cut, but still offer the delight of olfactory exploration. We offer them to you here at a gratitude price since none of the formulas are written down and they are utterly unique and unrepeatable, brought to you fresh each year.

Arcanum Experiments are only available in amber 5 ml. bottles, you can find dropper tops for them in a linked listing below. We are not able to sample up any of these experiments.


1.  Chocolate covered marzipan and pumpkin butter
2.  Pineapple, coconut, mango, patchouli, incense
3.  Coconut water, sparkling ginger ale, lotus tea, a splash of ocean water
4.  Mango lassi, Passionfruit nectar, black coconut
5.  Guiac wood, bay leaf, oakmoss, dianthus
6.  Apricots, honey, wild strawberries, sugar musk
7.   Teak, leather, artemisia, peppercorns
8.  Pine, incense, vanilla pipe tobacco, black musk, cacao pods
9.  Rain, hay, grass, stone, lavender water
10. Pomegranate, quince, black raspberries, sweet muscadine wine
11. Slightly burnt marshmallows and pumpkin spice latte
12. Verbena, jasmine mint, hibiscus tea, starfruit, honeysuckle
13.  Lemon verbena, yuzu tea, lemon blossom, orangewood
14.  Iso-E, mahogany, oakmoss, grey amber
15.  Raw animalistic funky musks and cruelty free civet
16.  Dirt, sagebrush, prairie grass, wild mint, Thai basil
17.   Rain musk, green tea, lemon verbena, red clover
18.  A paradise of tropical fruits, paperwhite narcissus, Egyptian musk
19.  Creme de violette, anisette, pomegranate gin, peach schnapps, pineapple-coconut rum
20.  Salt spray roses, balsam pine, rose wine, summer honey, sea foam, warm stones 
21.  Black cherry, sangria, Japanese incense, almond wood, musk
22.  Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, peaches, honey, summer roses, ginger aldehydes
23.  Melted creamsicles, sea foam, coconut water, sugar musk
24.  Sunbleached cotton, lavender mint, clean summer musk
25.  Vanilla incense, gingerbread cookies, New Orleans King Cake
26.  A pineapple juice and lemon verbena tea ice lolly popsicle

27. Honeycomb candy dipped in seasalt milk chocolate

28. Fresh mangoes, juicy kiwis, guava, and berries
29. Star jasmine, white gardenias, narcissus, peonies, freesia, stargazer lilies, and honeysuckle