2019 Arcanum Experiments (Gold Label)

2019 Arcanum Experiments (Gold Label)

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1. Lily of the valley, plums, green fig, sweet musk, vanilla grass

2. Mahogany, Spices, Oakmoss, Honey amber

4. Cotton candy, Sugar musk, Sugar cookies with strawberry icing

7. Macarons, vanilla incense, dark amber

13. Blue lotus, Linden blossom, Freesia, Starfruit, Aldehydes

16. Chocolate, Tobacco, Dark Amber

17. A fat bouquet of fresh summer flowers from the Farmer’s Market

19. Baby powder, soap, cold cream

20. Prairie grasses, Soapwort, Hay

21. Spicewood, Oakmoss, Cloudberries

24. Rosewood, Indonesian teak, Cypress, Pimenta

25. Florientals, Boudoir incense, Raspberries, Opium

26. Creamy tuberose, White florals, Fresh dirt