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Summer Reveries Perfume Sample Set

Summer Reveries Perfume Sample Set

From blue waters and green meadows to sultry nights & sizzling kisses

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Daydreams on languid summer afternoon are some of life’s greatest pleasures. This summer perfume collection was inspired by the many facets of summer dreaming from shimmering blue waters and green meadows to sultry nights and sizzling kisses.

After Eden: Gauzy amber and billowy linen slow dancing with Malay Gingerflower, osmanthus tea, dianthus, white Tiare flowers, saffron crocus, and maile leaves swaying in a gentle sea breeze.

Ambre Aquae: Rare blue amber infused with flowering lotus, water lily, heliotrope, cyclamen, awapuhi, aloe, vanilla grass, rain musk, and soft heartwoods.

Earthlight: Light filtering through leaves at the meadow's edge-Linden blossoms, wild fennel fronds, jasmine tea leaves, muguet, Citrus bergamia, cedar tips, petitgrain, copalchí, guaiac wood, santal, hemlock pine needles, and green patchouli leaves

I am Made Strange Again: Complex and morphing-cactus flower, desert lily, ferns, gnarled cypress roots, ambrette, geranium peony, moon flower, sweet olive, mandarin, nicotania, tobacco flower, coriander, saffron, nutmeg, salt rose, rosewood, and amberwood.

Paisley Tapestry: A luxe dreamworld of bohemian tapestries, smoulders of labdanum incense, intricate softwoods, veils of sensual musk, Moroccan oakmoss, citron succade, Angelica glace, and Adriatic fig.

This Summer Night: A passionate summer romance of luscious tropical fruits, plumeria, pua kenikeni, cherimoya, coconut water, lychee blossoms, rhubarb, tonka, sweet alyssum, mock orange flower, night blooming jasmine, white florals, and light musk.

Sample vials contain approximately 1ml / .3 dram