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Dark Cavalier Perfume

Dark Cavalier Perfume

Lapsang Souchong tea, Pallisander, Orris, Violet leaf, Anisette, Soft leather, Amber, Dark wood

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A darkly sensual mystery of Lapsang Souchong tea, pallisander, orris root, violet leaf, anisette, Tears of Chios, soft leather, aged black amber, dark brooding woods, and deep green patchouli.

I am the Dark Cavalier; I am the Last Lover:
My arms shall welcome you when other arms are tired;
I stand to wait for you, patient in the darkness,
Offering forgetfulness of all that you desired.

I ask no merriment, no pretense of gladness,
I can love heavy lids and lips without their rose;
Though you are sorrowful you will not weary me;
I will not go from you when all the tired world goes.

I am the Dark Cavalier; I am the Last Lover;
I promise faithfulness no other lips may keep;
Safe in my bridal place, comforted by darkness,
You shall lie happily, smiling in your sleep.

-- Margaret Widdemer

Art: The Kiss by Francesco Hayez, 1861