Gentleman's Club II Sample Set

Gentleman's Club II Sample Set

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Gentleman's Club II Sample Set

The Highwayman -
Riding leathers, night air, oakmoss, old dirt road, fine linen lace, a trace of campfire smoke, and gunpowder

The Rhymer’s Club -
Absinthe, sugar cubes, silver, lavender, roses, anise, rosewood, paper, ink, old books, dockwood, and oakmoss

Academy of Pleasure -
Red and golden ambers, fine cognac liqueur, suede, bergamot scented linen sheets, cardamon-hashish coffee, and a cedar lined cigar humidor

Sailing to Byzantium -
Ivy, lotus root, oakmoss, lavender, tonka, tweed, green cardamon, incense woods, papyrus, leather, and ink

1891 -
Lavender, mandarin, lime, bergamot, bay, coriander, clove, nutmeg, ginger, pepper, carnations, rose, opium, amber, incense

Mesnee d’Hellequins -
balsam pine, cypress, cedar, teakwood, vetiver, galbanum, lichen, moss, dried leaves, and forest fungi.