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Gentleman's Club II Sample Set

Gentleman's Club II Sample Set

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Gentleman's Club II Sample Set

- The Highwayman
Riding leathers, night air, oakmoss, old dirt road, fine linen lace, a trace of campfire smoke, and gunpowder

- Sultan's Reverie
Green cardamom and cassia steeped in cognac, clary sage honey, dried rose petals and leaves, aged copper distilled patchouli, soft leather, sandalwood, vegetal ambrette musk.

- Academy of Pleasure
Red and golden ambers, fine cognac liqueur, suede, bergamot scented linen sheets, cardamon-hashish coffee, and a cedar lined cigar humidor

- Sailing to Byzantium
Ivy, lotus root, oakmoss, lavender, tonka, tweed, green cardamon, incense woods, papyrus, leather, and ink

- 1891
Lavender, mandarin, lime, bergamot, bay, coriander, clove, nutmeg, ginger, pepper, carnations, rose, opium, amber, incense

- Absinthe and Laudanum in the Afternoon
An intemperate intoxication of galbanum, laudanum accord, tonka bean, vetivert root and narcotic wormwood swooning into an euphoric delirium of opium poppy, poet's jasmine, and french lavender