2020 Enchantments D'Amour Sample Set

2020 Enchantments D'Amour Sample Set

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Forest Rose - A curious wandering into forested mystery - dark heirloom roses, arctic roseroot, Alaskan cypress, juniper berries, Sitka spruce, balsam pine needles, bracken ferns, green cedar tips, and luminous green amber.

The Romance of Lust - The primal elements of desire combined into an alchemy of lust. Randy dirt-sexy patchouli, black vanilla, salaciously sticky honeycomb, and a darkly concupiscent amber infused with botanical pheromones.

Enchantress - A bewitching conjuration of aphrodisiacs. An intoxication of amaretto liqueur spiked with cinnamon and citrus peel, star jasmine, accord of Cochleanthes amazonica orchid, mandorla amara, Bourbon vanilla caramels, guaiac wood, sweet vetiver root, and sexy botanical pheromones.

The Pleasures of Love - A luxuriously sensual philtre of ginger flower, mandarin orange, ripe plums, saffron, pink pepper, almond blossoms, masala chai, pink lotus, sambac jasmine, tonka, white chocolate, guaiac wood, and orris root.

The Sultan’s Reverie - A modern twist on a medieval Arabic perfume recipe. Green cardamom and cassia steeped in cognac, clary sage honey, dried rose petals and leaves, aged copper distilled patchouli, soft leather (vegan), sandalwood, vegetal ambrette musk.

L'Encens a la Vanille - Madagascar Vanilla, golden amber, and resinous incense swirled together with a selection of beautifully aged incense woods and a dusting of aphrodisiac Silk Road spices. Intensely sexy in a mysterious kind of way.